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Sofant Technologies announces world's smallest 'smart antenna'

Sofant Technologies has unveiled (opens in new tab) the world's smallest 'smart antenna', a 4mm² technological innovation the company believes will “revolutionise smart phone performance.”

The Edinburgh-based company believes that this tech solution will transform the performance of smartphones and tablet PCs, making poor reception, dropped calls and short battery life things of the past. The antenna will allegedly reduce battery consumption by as much as 90 per cent and boost call quality by sticking with a single strong signal rather than continually searching for better ones.

"Antenna design has not kept pace with the rapid evolution of smart phone technology. New communication protocols, such as LTE and 4G, mean more pressure than ever on existing antenna technology, further impacting smart phone performance and user experience," said Sofant CEO Sergio Tansi of the need for innovation within the smart antenna space.

(opens in new tab)"Smart phone and tablet users expect to be able to make and take phone calls while browsing the web, send texts while downloading emails and stream data while uploading videos to YouTube. The reality is that, until now, the antenna has acted as a bottleneck to performance in mobile devices," Tansi continued, adding that Sofant's technology could be a game-changer for mobile devices.

The miniature antenna is the product of seven years of research that was conducted at the University of Edinburgh. Sofant now hopes to license the fruits of its labour to global smartphone manufacturers, with a projected turnover of £10 million in year five.

The targeting of the smartphone market is predicated on how far it outstrips the PC market, with an estimated five billion units (opens in new tab) to be manufactured over the next five years, with 40 new phones being produced every second.