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Google introduces business credit card to the UK

Google has quietly launched its first credit card, one which is aimed at businesses that regularly buy adverts on Google’s AdWords solution. The card, named Google AdWords Business Credit Card, comes with £60,000 per month and an APR of 11.9 per cent.

The service, which was launched in the US last year, is unlikely to be made available to consumers anytime soon. Indeed, the likelihood of your smartphone replacing your plastic cards is much higher, given the growing importance of NFC and touch technologies.

Google already has a well-oiled financial service called Google Wallet (formerly known as Google Checkout), which is used by numerous online retailers (like Ebuyer or Kiddicare) and is also present on Android-based smartphones.

The search giant has also recently started to dabble more in financial services by offering comparison services for a number of high profile segments like current accounts, credit cards, loans and car insurance.

It is not known whether, like Apple, Google is using its own massive cash chest to finance this credit card or if it is instead relying on third parties like AMEX or MasterCard.

Source: CNET

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