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Logitech announces new Windows 8 touch-optimised peripherals

Logitech has unveiled three new Windows 8-specific peripherals (opens in new tab) designed for touch-friendly navigation, including two touch-capable mice and a wireless desktop touchpad. The Zone Touch Mouse T400, Touch Mouse T620 and the Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 will "replicate the touch-screen experience" of smartphones and tablets, according to Logitech.

The Zone Touch Mouse T400 (opens in new tab), which looks like a conventional wireless mouse, is equipped with right and left buttons and a touch-sensitive glass surface strip that can handle both vertical and horizontal scrolling. The strip can also follow click commands, enabling users to click its front to bring up the Windows 8 Start screen and to click its back to scroll through open applications.

The Touch Mouse T620 (opens in new tab), meanwhile, is slightly more sophisticated, with a touch-sensitive surface that offers traditional right- and left-clicking, as well as vertical and horizontal scrolling and Windows 8-specific gestures. Users can use various clicks and gestures to go back to the Windows 8 Start screen, toggle between applications and show or hide the desktop, among other things.

(opens in new tab)The Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 (opens in new tab) boasts a full glass surface that can recognise up to three fingers and is clickable, allowing traditional right- and left-clicking options. Its Windows 8-specific multi-touch controls include using a single finger for conventional mousing, two fingers for scrolling and navigating, and thee fingers to return to the Windows 8 Start screen.

The Touchpad 650 is rechargeable via USB and has a battery life of up to one month at full charge. The T400 and T620 hold a charge of eighteen months and six months, respectively.

UK consumers can purchase all three peripherals later this month in time for the 26 October launch of Windows 8, with the Touchpad having a suggested retail price of £69.99 and the T400 and T620 due to retail for £39.99 and £59.99, respectively.