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Today's Tech: Samsung confirms 4in Galaxy S3 mini, Google launches Adwords credit card, Bookeen announces new eBook reader

ITProPortal has been busy furrowing around the Hilton London Metropole this week along with security experts and tech journalists from around the world for 2012’s showpiece RSA conference. One of the highlights reported has been the discussion held by a panel of industry analysts and writers, where hacktivism, cyber warfare and cyber security was debated at length. Notably, Professor Alan Woodward argued that groups like the infamous hacking collective Anonymous are actually doing more harm than good to the fight for freedom on the Internet (opens in new tab). To find out why, and to see what supporters of the group countered with, follow the link.

Google has finally, and almost silently, launched its Google Adwords Business Credit Card in the UK (opens in new tab). With a limit of £60,000 per month and an 11.9 per cent APR, the card is aimed at businesses which regularly buy advertising on Google’s AdWords solution. The service was launched in the US way back in 2011, and is highly unlikely to be made available to ordinary consumers anytime soon.

(opens in new tab)Not one to be outshined, Samsung has confirmed the impending launch of a 4in version of its former flagship handset, the Galaxy S3 (opens in new tab). The S3 'mini', as the smartphone is being called, is due to be launched at a special event in Germany tomorrow. Though specs have not yet been officially announced, the South Korean company has promised that it will be more than simply an entry-level device. Some call it an entry-level device, but we call it 'mini'," said JK Shin, Samsung's head of mobile communications.

Look out, Kindle Fire - the UK eBook reader market may seem like it's dominated by a select few firms, but that doesn't mean there aren't independent hardware manufacturers out there producing exciting new products. Bookeen, for one, has been immersed in the digital reading game since 2003, with the French consumer electronics company announcing its latest product, the Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight, ahead of general roll out across Europe this November (opens in new tab). Billing its new offering as a "revolution" in the eBook reader market, Bookeen seems especially proud of the Cybook Odyssey HD's impressive E Ink display, which features a 1024 x 758 pixel resolution with a density of 213 DPI. For those keeping score, that’s marginally better on paper than the Kindle Fire's 1024 x 600 pixel screen at 169 PPI. The Cybook Odyssey HD also boasts a supermodel-style slimline physique, weighing just 180g and measuring a mere 9.4mm thick - pretty much the same as Apple's über-svelte iPad. By way of contrast, the Kindle Fire – finally due to arrive in the UK in a couple of weeks (opens in new tab) – is a positively porky 400g with an 11.5mm waistline. Its arrival might have been greeted by considerably less fanfare than the latest high-profile product launches from the likes of Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, but it’s poised to be a seriously disruptive force this holiday shopping season.