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UK Broadband launches commercial 4G network ahead of EE

The UK's long wait for 4G is finally over as UK Broadband has launched the first domestic consumer-targeted 4G service, beating out EE to its launch date of 30 October by a few weeks.

But it’s not all bad for EE, as UK Broadband is not a direct competitor. The new 4G broadband service, dubbed ‘Now Broadband', offers fixed access Internet with its speeds reaching 40 Mbps. The service connects homes and offices to wireless high-speed Internet using TD-LTE, a new variant of the LTE wireless standard that was created to deal with the ever increasing burden of data capacity demand.

Rather than compete with EE's forthcoming mobile broadband, it may instead give consumers the option to move away from the fixed-line fibre links of BT broadband, with UK Broadband CTO Philip Manick describing the service (opens in new tab) as "equivalent to BT's Infinity broadband service."

“We are really excited to offer residents and businesses in these areas a unique opportunity to enjoy 4G speeds using our wireless networks," said Now Broadband CEO Nicholas James.

"Our services offer a truly flexible, hassle free alternative to fixed line broadband services – whether it’s at home, work or a customer WiFi solution, in terms of business benefits, this service can be either the primary superfast internet connection, or provide the secondary or resilient connection to ensure that local businesses and organisations are connected at all time," he added.

Now Broadband prices begin at £21.50 per month for a two-year contract. Visit the official UK Broadband site (opens in new tab) for more details.