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South Korea delays sales ban on Apple products

A South Korean court has granted a request by Apple to delay a sales ban so it can carry on selling iPhones and iPads in the country following a 24 August ruling that found the US tech giant infringed on Samsung-owned patents.

A spokesperson for the Seoul Central District Court, Kim Mun Sung, confirmed that the court accepted Apple's request to temporarily halt a sales ban on its products until after appeals of the August ruling

The court originally found that Apple and Samsung infringed on each other's patents, and ordered the companies to stop selling some smartphones and tablet computers in South Korea and to pay damages. Apple was ordered to stop selling its iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1 and iPad 2.

Apple and Samsung which are the world's two largest smartphone companies, are currently locked in patent disputes on four continents and are battling over a device market estimated to be worth $219 billion (£137 billion) last year.

(opens in new tab)The patent war between them reached a tipping point in a San Jose court earlier this year when a US jury found Samsung had improperly violated patented technology in the iPhone and iPad and awarded Apple $1.05 billion (£650 million) in damages.

Last week, Samsung filed a complaint against Apple, alleging that the iPhone 5 infringes on two of Samsung's UMTS standards patents and six feature patents.