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Hauppauge Computer Works exhibits full portfolio of devices at Digital Winter trade show

Hauppauge has built a reputation among gamers for its live-recording devices. The HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition records high definition video from all known consoles, Windows Laptops and desktop PC’s, allowing users to record and upload gameplay to YouTube with minimal hassle. Using a no-delay HDMI video passthrough, users can play and record at the same time with no fear of lag, and the feature allows for 5 channel audio quality. Furthermore, the accompanying ArcSoft Showbiz application allows the user to play the content directly on their computer screen.

A company representative spoke of various deft touches that he felt helped single out the HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition as the game-content recorder of choice. Users are able to place logos on their recordings without the need of encoding, and utlising Stream Eez software users can create live-streams on Ustream and Twitch.

(opens in new tab)The HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition is currently available for retail at any of these online outlets (opens in new tab) where prices vary. It can also be purchased directly from its site at £177 (opens in new tab).

Hauppauge Computer Works is also known for its innovations in TV tuning. A tradition that is best embodied in the myTV 2GO-m antenna, a USB plugin which allows you to watch Freeview Digital TV on your iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Working in conjunction with a free to download app the device allows you to zero in on any available Freeview TV signal with an approximate 10 miles of a broadcast transmitter.

Though signal quality is dependent on your position the app allows for channels to be stored, negating the need of repetitive scanning. The company spokesperson stated that it comes with its own battery and can operate abroad (in conjunction with the countries terrestrial channels).

The myTV 2GO-m is Apple specific, but Hauppauge wanted to stress to Android users that they were not forgotten. The similarly titled myTV 2GO (no m) does pretty much the same thing, the main difference being that it is a router that sends a live TV signal over a WiFi connection.

Both devices are currently available at retail; the myTV 2GO-m is priced at £99 and myTV 2GO (Android) costs £117.38 though much like the HD PVR prices can vary between retailers.

The final bit of gadgetry on Hauppauge's menu was the PCTV Broadway 2T. The Broadway is a networked TV tuner that allows you to stream TV directly onto any Apple device and PC throughout your home. The main selling point of this tech, however, is its ability to record TV and access stored content remotely via a WiFi signal. Hauppauge would go on to explain, “It can work overseas... if you have HBO at you can record your favourite programs and when you travel you can watch them on your phone.” Further stating that the signal quality is dependent on the WiFi signal this feature seemed to be the device's main draw.

The PCTV Broadway 2T is available now at £137.