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Microsoft reveals colourful Windows 8 packaging

Microsoft has revealed the packaging for Windows 8 and confirmed the operating system's pricing ahead of its official launch on 26 October.

In a Microsoft blog post (opens in new tab), the firm showed off its colourful branding for the forthcoming platform.

"When you receive your copy of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade, you'll see that the packaging takes a fresh approach, in the reimagining of Windows. Your package will feature one of 5 vibrant illustrations...We moved to paper based materials (the exception of course being the upgrade DVD inside) which allowed us to make an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption. And we've reduced the packaging weight by 41%," wrote Microsoft communications manager Brandon LeBlanc.

(opens in new tab)In the post, LeBlanc announced that users can now begin reserving packaged DVD versions of the Windows 8 Po upgrade for £50.

Microsoft previously confirmed that users will be charged £24.99 to upgrade from any version of Windows since XP to Windows 8 Pro. Customers who bought a Windows 7 PC on or after 2 June 2012 (and through to 31 January 2013) will be able to upgrade to Pro online for £14.99 via (opens in new tab)