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Price of Acer 21.5in full HD monitor drops down to £80

There was a time when large-screen full HD monitors were bulky, expensive and could easily replace your central heating. Those were the days of CRTs.

But nowadays, LCD displays lead the way and Ebuyer is selling the Acer S220HQLBBD LED LCD monitor - which uses LED technology - for £80, including delivery.

Even at this price, it does provide more than the basic essentials and its low price justifies getting a pair to increase productivity. It is a 21.5in monitor with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and you can opt for a three-year insurance plan with accident protection for only an additional £20.

Other features include a 5ms response time, DVD-D, VGA, HDCP, Acer EcoDisplay and Adaptive Contrast Management, a 200cd/m2 image brightness, a 22W power consumption plus a three year warranty.

It doesn’t come with a VESA mount (which is a shame), an average size bezel and a bog standard stand.

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