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Social browser RockMelt released for iPad

After eight months of development, browser start-up RockMelt has expanded to the iPad.

"It is an entirely new way to explore the Web, built for you and your iPad from the ground up," RockMelt wrote on its blog.

The fast, visually appealing Web browser provides ad-free content from sites like Forbes, Rolling Stone, US Weekly, and other websites, available in a searchable reader view. Additionally, RockMelt syncs content so users can stay updated while offline. You can also discover with friends by logging in with Facebook or Twitter.

"We love the Web," RockMelt said. "The Web is unparalleled in the depth and richness of content it offers. No app comes close."

In August 2009, Netscape developer Marc Andreessen put his support behind RockMelt, which went live with a public beta in November 2010. An iPhone version was released last year.

"At RockMelt we are reinventing the browser for the way people use the Web today," co-founder Tim Howes said two years ago. "We built features into the browser to address people's three top browsing behaviors: interacting with friends, consume news and information, and searching."

The RockMelt app is now available for free in the Apple App store and on the RockMelt website, where the beta Mac and PC versions can also be found.