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Sony unveils new range of VAIO laptops ahead of Windows 8 launch

Sony’s new range of VAIO laptops (opens in new tab) has now been priced for US retail, and with the imminent launch of Windows 8, (opens in new tab)UK audiences will be looking for any tent poles that can help them estimate the cost of the upcoming hardware. Converting the US prices to our money can therefore indicate how much cash Windows 8 suitors will need to be setting aside before Micorsoft's hotly-anticipated launch.

The convertible-of-laptops that is the Duo 11, is priced at $1,099.99 (£685). Besides the crowd pleasing sliding feature the Duo 11 consists of a 11.6in, 1080p screen and 4GB of RAM. Powered by a Core i3 processor as standard - with options up to i7 - the accompanying digitiser pen almost feels too much.

The VAIO Tap 20 is sporting a 1600 x 900 20in display, 4-8GB of RAM and various hard drive options. It can come with a Corei3, i5, or i7 processor with a removable battery that holds an optimum charge of three hours. Costing $879.99 (£548), it shares the same ambiguous launch date of “late October” as the Duo II.

(opens in new tab)The new offerings from Sony do not stop there as it also announced new versions for its E,S and L Vaio models. The T series Ultrabook range also received price points, with the T14 costing $669.99 (£417) and the touch enabled model costing $769.99 (£479).

Sony rounded up its announcements with the new touch enabled 14in E14P, priced at $689.99 (£429).