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Today's Tech: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite hits UK, Huawei gets UK all-clear, Microsoft unveils Windows 8 packaging

When Amazon launched a whole fleet of new devices at a headline-grabbing launch event in the States last month, UK consumers may have been left a little disappointed that some of the hardware was seemingly being held back from our shores. There was no mention of a UK launch for the swanky looking Kindle Paperwhite eBook reader and Amazon was unforthcoming on any release when we badgered them on the phone. But the US retailer was just being a tease all along, and it turns out we’ll be getting the backlit, sharper-resolution Paperwhite this very month (opens in new tab). Check the article for full details.

Huawei has been given the all-clear to continue its UK operations, despite being deemed a threat to national security by the US government (opens in new tab). A cyber security spokesperson for the Cabinet Office said that the Chinese telecoms firm, along with ZTE, pass through additional levels of security here, and that their products are therefore safe for British use. The concerns were raised after the US accused the two companies of spying, an allegation which a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce described as "groundless accusations based on subjective suspicions." Follow the link to find out more about the fracas.

(opens in new tab)The Office of Fair Trading has found that almost 40 per cent of the UK’s most popular online retailers are breaching consumer laws (opens in new tab). From the 156 websites reviewed, 62 were deemed to have unreasonable restrictions in terms of refunds and compulsory charges. The guilty parties have until Christmas to address the violations, or else face sanctions. Additionally, 24 per cent of the remaining ‘innocent’ 60 per cent were considered guilty of charging unexpected costs, and close to two-thirds of all the investigated retailers were in abuse of E-Commerce regulations, as they failed to provide email addresses, opting to supply ‘web contacts’ instead.

Microsoft revealed its packaging today for Windows 8 ahead of its official launch on 28 October (opens in new tab). The packaging, which features a mix of bright colours and bold designs, was displayed in a blog posted by Microsoft earlier today. For £24.99, UK users will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 from any version of Windows since XP to Windows 8 Pro.

Hauppauge's showing at Digital Winter last night left a strong impression on one of ITProPortal’s newest recruits, Oluseun Alufa (opens in new tab). Showcasing devices that already have well-established footholds in the market place, the various nuances within their innovation left Oluseun with a sense that it understood its customers’ needs. Little touches like the ability to put a personal logo on any recording made on the HD PVR 2, or the ambition showed with the Broadway 2T's ability to stream video recorded at home when abroad, demonstrates an ability to anticipate the wants and needs of its audience, and the ability to service them.

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