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Leaked photos emerge of new iMac logic board

Photos that are rumoured to show the new iMac’s internal components and logic board have hit the web. Appearing earlier this month in a forum thread on the Chinese site (opens in new tab), the poster claims that the new ‘redesigned’ model of Apple's desktop line will be sporting a thinner profile.

Purported to be so thin that a profile view of the device cannot ascertain an estimate of its thickness, and sporting a curved rear-shell to make it appear like a water droplet, the form factor of the new iMac has no corroborating photographic evidence as yet.

So the one piece of visual material is an unverified photo allegedly showing the innards of the new iMac. The authenticity of the photo cannot be confirmed, though various features on display seem to be in-line with previous iterations of iMacs.

The report also claims that the device will be fully laminated as the display will be glued to the front screen. The new design feature, if proven true, is speculated to affect pricing with the new generation of iMacs expected to be more expensive than the last.

(opens in new tab)But it’s not all changes in the looks department as the 21.5in model is expected to retain its existing ‘chin’ below the display.

The poster would support the pre-existing rumour that Apple is working on a release of a 13in Retina MacBook Pro which the poster asserts is already undergoing assembly in ‘China’ and ‘Mexico’. The prospective announcement of the new Retina Display enabled notebook is expected to happen at the 23 October Apple event; which has already been earmarked as the official launch of the iPad mini.

News of the announcement comes at the insistence of 9to5Mac (opens in new tab) which cites a source at a ‘high-profile US retailer’.

Much like the current 15in MacBook Pro Lines, the upcoming 13in Retina Display MacBook Pro will be on sale alongside the current model (non-Retina Display option) but at a higher price.