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MacBook Air and other ultrathin notebooks meet green standards, declares EPEAT

EPEAT (the Electronic Product Environmental Tool) has declared that a selection of ultrathin laptops meet the requirements of its green standards (opens in new tab). These laptops, which include Apple's MacBook Air, "had come under close scrutiny in public discussions this past summer."

The notebooks, sold by giants Apple, Samsung, Toshiba and Lenovo, were subject to a lengthy investigation process and found to have met all relevant standards, which included whether they were upgradeable, whether upgrades could easily be obtained and whether parts like batteries could be taken out without difficulty.

"EPEAT is committed to foster greener electronics and to give purchasers the tools to evaluate green claims," stated the CEO of EPEAT, Robert Frisbee. "The system's rigorous environmental assessment processes result from a powerful stakeholder collaboration that includes purchasers, environmental advocates, government, manufacturer, recycler and academic participants. This latest series of stringent investigations demonstrates the power of that approach."

(opens in new tab)The government-backed organisation's investigations tend to focus on hardware recycling, rather than the emissions and pollutants associated with products.

Earlier this year, Apple officially withdrew its products from EPEAT certification because of the company's design and production process, which rendered its MacBook Pro laptops very difficult to disassemble and recycle.

However, the Cupertino-based company almost immediately reversed its decision, amid pressure from its customers.

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