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Sky launches new Sky Hub router promising better wireless connectivity

Sky Broadband (opens in new tab) has announced the launch of a brand-new router that it touts as having the best wireless range of any major provider.

The device, called Sky Hub, purports to best offerings from its competitors through its Sky Smart Signal technology, which automatically selects the strongest and most reliable Wi-Fi channel by scanning for nearby interference. The company has cited third-party research that compared the home routers offered by BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, and deemed Sky Hub as having the best wireless range.

Sky Hub is a sleek block boasting four ethernet ports, ADSL- and SKy Fibre-compatibility, and a Broadcom Wi-Fi chipset. It also is apparently Sky’s most environmentally friendly router, reportedly consuming less energy than previous router models offered by the company.

(opens in new tab)“Designed and built exclusively for Sky customers, this state-of-the-art router delivers unbeatable wireless range throughout the home meaning customers can get online in parts of their home they couldn’t before,” said Sky’s director of communications products Lyssa McGowan.

“Further enhancing the complete Sky experience, customers will benefit from greater connectivity, whether they’re enjoying Sky Go in the garden, checking Facebook in the bedroom or interacting with zeebox on the sofa,” McGowan added.

Sky Hub will come as the standard router for customers joining Sky as of 18 October. It will retail for £69, though existing customers can snap it up for £39 for a limited time.