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Apple hires Amazon search exec Bill Stasior to oversee Siri

Apple has hired Amazon search guru Bill Stasior to head up its Siri unit, according to AllThingsD (opens in new tab).

The publication has said that Stasior, who has been in charge of (opens in new tab) - Amazon's search and advertising unit - since 2003 will now oversee Siri.

Siri, Apple's famous voice-activated personal assistant program, was acquired in April 2010 to launch a big stake in voice-activated search.

While Siri has had a high profile in the iPhone range, Apple has lost some of the talent who created it. Adam Cheyer, who co-founded the voice recognition software, recently left the company. CEO Dag Kittlaus departed in October 2011.

Siri has come under fire in recent months over the accuracy of its service - from giving inaccurate weather forecasts to wrong directions on Apple's iOS 6 Maps app.

(opens in new tab)Insiders say Stasior has been brought in to strengthen the Siri service and Apple's search advertising technology to make it a viable competitor to Google.

There is speculation the company will eventually remove Google as a search option from its popular smartphones, computers and software.

MIT graduate Stasior has a wealth of experience working for tech firms. He has previously done stints at Oracle, Netcentives and AltaVista before joining Amazon as a director of search and navigation in 2003.

A year later, he founded, which provides search for Amazon sites worldwide, as well as other online retail sites.