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Microsoft Surface: New ad emerges, confirms launch date

The clock is ticking down on Microsoft’s long-awaited Windows 8 launch and as we know, the Washington firm is spicing up the software release with some exciting looking hardware in the Surface tablets.

It is now just ten days until the OS is unleashed and according to a brand new TV ad (below), the Surface will indeed arrive on the very same day; the 26 October. Microsoft’s marketing campaign for the device has clicked into gear in eye-catching fashion, with the commercial - aired in the US for the first time last night - resembling something of a tablet-based Stomp performance.

(opens in new tab)A lot of emphasis is placed on the nifty kickstand that flips out to prop up the display, and the detachable keyboards which help create the desktop experience on the move. These are sure to be big selling points to distinguish the Surface from many of its rivals and Microsoft has already played on these features in the press images that circulated when the tablet was first revealed (see above).

With all the brightly-coloured devices and carefree youths bouncing around the video, are we seeing the marketing of an affordable, strictly consumer device? Rumours suggest this is just one market Microsoft is targeting. Analysts have predicted the RT version of the Surface will cater to this sector with prices from around £250 to £300 (opens in new tab), while the Pro models will enter a more corporate sphere with pricing from £500 to £560.

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