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Google expands trial, bringing Gmail and Drive content to more users' search results

Googlers no longer have to look any further than that classic rectangular search box to find personal information from emails, calendar events, saved documents and more.

In August, the search giant opened a trial for people to see Gmail content via Google search results. Positive feedback inspired the search giant to grow its venture and users can now sign up to be part of an expanded trial.

Now, when users type something into the search box, the results will also include content from your Gmail inbox or Google Drive files on the right-hand side. Similarly, searching on Gmail will produce drop-down instant results pulled from Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and more.

"Sometimes the best answer to your question isn't available on the public web," Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, wrote in an August blog post. "It may be contained somewhere else, such as in your email. We think you shouldn't have to be your own mini-search engine to find the most useful information — it should just work."

To be a guinea pig in Google's experiment, visit the field trial page and sign up. It is only accessible in English and for addresses, and is not available on Google Apps accounts.

Also in August, Google expanded its Knowledge Graph to all English-speaking users, added an interactive carousel showing relevant lists and collections for certain queries, and included voice-based answers in its iPad and iPhone apps.