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802.11ac – don't be scared, just use it with the right architecture and right infrastructure

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In today’s network, users/guests/employees are importantly and increasingly being allowed to work anywhere and many are provided with mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, and laptops –often all three.
How do we both embrace and prepare for today's data traffic growth? Do we wait for 802.11ac?
The authentication associated with access anywhere, enrollment and enabling enterprise services such as zero-configuration networking (Bonjour), are key elements requiring management, monitoring and support in addition to the standard wired and wireless network services.
The management of the growth from BYOD and corporate-owned devices is about having a cloud-enabled, self-organising, service-aware, identity-based infrastructure. In networking there are two types of LAN infrastructure, centralised and distributed, that deal with the architectural challenges of wireless mobility in the enterprise.
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