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Application Optimisation: Flash’s Final Frontier

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Flash memory solutions are quickly moving from innovative new technology to a crucial building block in today’s data centers. Leading flash memory platforms are optimised to leave all the disk era code behind in the disk era where it belongs. Less disk-driven code means less latency and more performance, which is why companies across Europe are adopting flash as a new high performance memory tier for their servers. Few would argue that flash is rapidly replacing disk for performance, but flash in the server is only half the battle.
The next wave of flash memory innovation will follow as application developers move on from coding apps for disk and start to integrate flash memory optimisation into their software. Big Data applications are among the first to make this transition, with many other software developers in line to come next. In this talk, Fusion-io EMEA CTO Thomas Kesjer will explore flash as a memory tier and how application optimisation will lead to the next wave of innovation in the flash memory revolution.