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Balancing Security & Flexibility in the Cloud

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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A 2012 LinkedIn survey revealed that 54% of IT decision makers cite data security as the key inhibitor to cloud adoption. Cloud platforms offer organisations the flexibility to build, extend, transform and decommission environments almost on a whim, but does this elasticity come at the expense of security?

Security threats are constantly evolving and businesses need to consider a holistic security management strategy to mitigate the risks effectively. The consideration and adoption of cloud technologies present businesses with the ideal opportunity to reassess and update existing security policies, but striking the right balance that capitalises on the flexibility of the on-demand model AND assures data integrity is no simple task.

This seminar is for you if you have ever wondered the following
• How safe is shared?
• Who is looking after my data and where is it right now?
• Do I have to go dedicated to guarantee security?
• Is the lack of control associated with cloud platforms real or perceived?
• How are the risks any different from physical on-premise infrastructure?
• Do trends like B.Y.O.D spell the E.N.D of secure organisational control?
• Am I asking the right questions and what else do I need to think about?