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Best Practices and Benefits of Automating Cloud Virtualisation.

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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We will take a look at the latest technology that allows network administrators to discover and track virtual systems and leverage a new vCO VM Ware plug-in that completely automates the allocation and de-allocation of IP addresses and auto-creation of corresponding DNS entries.
The plug-in allows VM Ware administrator to obtain next available IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, create needed DNS records, and update your IPAM database with essential information about the new virtual system, all without leaving VM Ware's vCO. Tearing down the virtual system? No problem, the vCO plug-in automatically reclaims the IP and removes the DNS entries. This allows VM Ware administrators to rapidly spin up and tear down virtual systems while keeping your IPAM and DNS systems updated in real-time.