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Colt's Programmable Network Vision

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Colt would like to present its vision around Network Programmability leading towards true IT and Network integration. Colt being an active Open Networking Foundation member since April 2012, is adopting SDN as a core component of its long term vision leading to a more flexible, automated and cost effective network infrastructure that can follow a similar evolution as we have seen over the past decades in computing. Colt will present the different areas for SDN applicability in Colt, covering both the Data Centre as well as the WAN.
Colt ( operates a 21-country, 35,000km network that includes metropolitan area networks in 39 major European cities with direct fibre connections into 17,000 buildings and 20 Colt data centres. In addition the Colt LDN (Colt owned & operated DWDM Long Distance Fibre Network) connects additional cities in Europe and the US for a total of 100 connected cities.

Several networks & technologies have been deployed by Colt to provide communication services only to business customers: DWDM, SDH, EoSDH, Carrier Ethernet (MPLS), IP (Internet & VPN), TDM Voice, VoIP (IMS) and Cloud.