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DCOBalancing the increasing speeds and decreasing limits of the rapidly changing topography of todays datacentre infrastructure.

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Limits on the datacentre infrastructure cabling such as channel loss, channel length and fibre bandwidth are being tightened to their limit year on year while at the same time, transmission speeds are doubling every 18 months and talk of the latest speeds are reaching a staggering 400Gb/s, up from 10Gb/s just 2 years ago. Couple this with the exponentially increasing cost of downtime and the need for 24/7/365 business critical applications and it’s a scary road to travel. It’s the transmission equivalent of evolving from riding a bicycle on a motorway to racing a Ferrari on a country lane.

In this presentation, Corning look at the technology and trends driving higher speeds and tighter limits in the datacentre and outline how to ensure through careful planning, design and active monitoring of critical systems, a high speed, always on datacentre facility can be navigated with ease.