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Desktop Virtualisation - Stop starting with Technology think End User

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Too many times in IT we are guilty of one thing – starting the project with technology. You simply cannot do that with Desktop Virtualisation. Approached correctly desktop virtualisation can be a cost effective solution to many IT projects be that enhanced security, facilitating BYOD or simply migrating to Windows XP before it goes end-of-life. Equanet has developed a robust approach to desktop virtualisation that ensures project success. The approach starts where all projects should start – the end user.
Let’s face it; desktop virtualisation is right for some users and not for others. In this session we’ll assess the approach we think you should take and how you can ensure management buy-in for your project. We’ll assess the use cases, the applications, the finances and how to cater for a hybrid desktop roll out. If you’re looking for a desktop virtualisation and want a different approach this session is a must!