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Fixed Wireless Access gets to the parts that other technologies cannot reach

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Today Broadband is like the 4th utility that every home and business MUST have. Cconsumers and businesses not served by high speed broadband will look for alternative technologies to meet their bandwidth needs. Fixed Wireless Access technologies can provide a cost effective means of delivering higher bandwidth services. British headquartered Cambium Networks provide high data rate Point to Point (PTP) and Point to Multi Point (PMP) solutions to meet these needs.
Fixed Wireless Access networks will enable you to deploy and extend high-speed networks faster, significantly reduce the cost of deployment and speed time to market, allowing for installation in a matter of days or weeks as opposed to months or years for wired solutions. FWA technology has exceptionally low acquisition, operation and maintenance costs which result in substantially lower total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as delivery of ROI in just six to twelve months.