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Goodbye Archiving, Hello Information Banking

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Talking about archives used to be a cure for insomnia -- archives were simply a place for data to sit, unused, until it could be safely deleted. But things have changed. Centralized, professionally-administered cloud-based archives have become the starting point for new business intelligence, visualization, and other applications.
As more of an organization's information is consolidated into a single data store, the cost of mining and analysing such data can be amortized across a large number of similar organizations. This will bring enterprise-scale business intelligence to smaller companies that could never before afford it.
The archive of the future will function as an "information bank" -- not just storing data, but analysing it, repurposing it, and giving it back to its owners in new and more useful forms. In this talk I will present examples of such applications, and will discuss the challenges and opportunities of this new paradigm.