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Huawei Cloud Computing – A view on IT

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Business Requirements today change so fast that traditional ways of doing IT are to slow to keep the pace of change.

Cloud has becoming a reality and a Megatrend for the foreseeable future.

Executives everywhere recognize there is money in the cloud and are investing in new “anything-as-a-service” (XaaS) business models. Gartner forecasts that the market for applications, application infrastructure, and systems infrastructure delivered as public cloud services will reach $43 billion in 2015.

The rationale behind the cloud model and the idea behind resource provision is flexibility and agility. For example, a user requires 10,000 computers as nodes to work at a full load for a couple of months but for the rest of the year requires only 5% to 20% of these nodes. Such a user can apply for 200 to 1,000 nodes for normal operation and 10,000 nodes in the peak period.

IT needs to:
Identify what type of cloud – private, public or hybrid – to implement and understand how to integrate that type of cloud based off the organization’s needs.

Recognize that mobile devices will play a dominant role in IT and in the future of cloud – determining what internal applications to make mobile is vital.

Focus on data security and the management of data. With data being accessed everywhere, at all times, this is crucial

Focus on Business Analytics that can be done instantly rather than waiting days or weeks for results to make decisions.