iPad 4 tablet to appear in Q2, revised iPad 3 in Q1 says report

Sources from Taiwan have told journalists from Digitimes that there may well be a revised version of the new Apple iPad (or iPad 3) released in the first quarter of next year and a new model introduced towards June 2013.

The report claims that suppliers have been told by Apple about those deadlines with the only hints, which we shall call the iPad 4 rather than the new New iPad, being the fact that the screen size will remain constant at 9.7in and will use a simplified design that allows it to cut the number of LED chips used in its backlight from 84 one-chip packages to 42-two-chip packages.

Such a move will improve the manufacturing process and almost certainly cut down on the bill of materials.

The sources haven’t confirmed what changes would be made for the revised version of the new iPad but one can expect that they would be minor and, at least in the UK, may include a different baseband to accommodate for EE’s newly launched 4G network.

Apple is expected to launch an iPad mini, one which will compete with the Google Nexus 7 and the slew of cheap Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Android tablets.

Source: Digitimes