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Next Generation Data Protection. Move your data protection up to the next level

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Due to the increase of virtualization and incredible data growth rates, the role of backup and recovery has changed. IT is no longer expected to just recover lost data; it’s expected to quickly restore business-critical services. That requires a solution that understands today’s applications and databases. Organizations of all sizes must be able to align backup and recovery to their application service-levels and make it easier for multiple roles to actively manage their applications’ data protection needs, rather than focusing on just infrastructure and backup windows. That’s why we developed NetVault® Extended Architecture.

NetVault Extended Architecture (XA) is an integrated data protection solution that simplifies backup and recovery for your critical applications that span physical, virtual and cloud environments. It was engineered to align your data protection policies with your SLAs – thus empowering application owners with the power to back up, replicate and restore applications, not just servers