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Predict human behaviour changes before it happens to protect against unknown threats.

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Managing risk is a continuous battle – especially as most new forms of attack have never been seen. Pressures to expand into new markets, add new communication channels and simplify the customer journey add increased uncertainty to fraud, risk, security and technology departments. Individual change prediction is a key component of a modern risk and technology strategy as it uses one of a business’s most underutilised assets, their own data, to understand normal activity and accurately classify changes which represent a real threat to the business.

Featurespace has commercialised unique, world-leading, algorithms invented at Cambridge University and deployed solutions within Europe's largest websites driving a diverse range of applications. Featurespace’s ARIC engine understands huge volume and multi-source data in real-time, updating individual profiles enabling businesses to instantly respond to emerging threats and marketing opportunities.
I will share a number of case studies of the benefits that have been achieved using signal processing and machine learning algorithms.