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Question your Firewall & IPS VENDOR - Take security testing to the next level with STONESOFT EVADER

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Does your new device protect against AETs?
We live in a dynamically changing threat environment. AETs expose a fundamental design flaw in security devices despite vendors promising 100 percent protection.
Everyday Stonesoft tests up to two million AET combinations. The most widely recognized industry tests include less than 100 static, well-documented AET recordings. It is time to raise the bar.
Why should you be concerned?

  • AETs are an access all areas pass
  • The probability of being hit by AETs is on the rise
  • Most organizations are vulnerable to AETs and not aware of it
  • There is a fundamental design flaw in most security devices
  • Criminals have more AET knowledge than the security industry

Evader is designed to test NGFW, IPS and UTM network security appliances from McAfee, SourceFire, Checkpoint, HP/Tipping Point, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Fortinet, Stonesoft and many more.