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Sunderland City Council - city-wide cloud delivering virtual desktops and applications to 4,000+ Council employees

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Sunderland City Council are deploying a truly innovative city-wide Cloud computing platform. Working closely with Sunderland on the business case Cetus expect to help the council reduce IT operational costs by £1.4m annually over the next five years, through a reduction in hardware costs, energy costs, software licenses, maintenance on individual desktops & improved IT management.
Consolidating its servers into one data centre and, through a combination of server and desktop virtualisation, the council will deliver virtual desktops and applications to over 4,000 employees.
The project is particularly innovative as the council has created a cloud environment that not only supports its own IT requirements – creating a secure, more efficient, lower cost IT environment by introducing virtual desktops across the organisation – but will also offer IT-as-a-service to Local schools, Local businesses and social enterprises across Sunderland. During our seminar we will discuss the Journey Sunderland are taking to achieve their vision