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The Business Benefits of Consolidating and Rationalizing into the Datacentre

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Organisations of all sizes and industries are re-architecting for a next-generation IT infrastructure in pursuit of improved performance, cost efficiency, manageability, resiliency, security, and flexibility. Riverbed consolidation solutions allow customers to realise greater economies of scale, control, and security by maximising their utilisation of data centers and extending consolidation benefits to branch offices. Specifically, customers can:

  • Concentrate investments into fewer, more efficient data centers, while continuing to reliably serve users in all locations
  • Consolidate data and servers from remote offices, while still delivering highly responsive applications to end users
  • Simplify remote branch infrastructure and centralise data for maximum efficiency and control
  • Adopt and integrate cloud computing for greater scalability and on-demand resource availability
  • Plan new projects and manage performance of the enterprise-wide environment