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The future of VDI - Huawei Desktop Cloud

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Huawei has seen an enormous increase in the implementation of VDI or Huawei Desktop Cloud solution globally amongst our Enterprise customers especially in Education and Finance .IT Directors and Desktop Administrators no longer view VDI as an expensive none flexible alternative to the traditional PC .In fact quite the opposite. Rapid growth in the use of applications and services like video has introduced a new paradigm in the way people store, synchronise, share and stream content as well as the ability to revolutionise the Desktop experience by providing a secure and flexible working environment easy to manage from a centralised infrastructure or indeed the cloud.In fact Huawei viewed the benefits of VDI as being so large and the ROI so great that we have rolled out one of the largest VDI solutions in the world with some 65,000 engineers operating on Huawei Desktop Cloud solution.