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Virtualization comes to enterprise printing

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Virtualization is not new to the enterprise IT world. Across the industry, virtualization technology has revolutionized storage, business intelligence and enterprise resource planning processes.
For many progressive organizations, the topic has long been on the corporate agenda but only recently has it been elevated to the action plan. For these enterprises, the case for virtualization is a sturdy one, propped up by its four primary benefits: cost reduction, environmental impact, an increase in workforce agility and an increase in security.
The parallels with enterprise printing environments are clear but the question is why the majority of businesses have not given their printing processes a similar ‘virtual’ makeover. On paper, they have all the elements that would make virtualization a valuable and successful initiative:
- Thousands of individual printers each with their own driver
- An increasingly mobile workforce that expects to print wherever they are in the world, and
- A growing level of IT consumerization by introducing personal devices like tablets and smartphones into the enterprise.
Mapping this number of devices across the enterprise becomes a major issue for the IT administration department, the helpdesk and the network.
In this session, you will learn how UniPrint’s Virtual Print Infrastructure can help virtualize enterprise printing, simplify IT management, improve security and reduce printing costs by 35%.