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World’s fastest colour printer available from £369

You’ve probably never heard of the Lomond printer brand, yet it manufactures one of the fastest colour printers on the planet - one that not only produces some great prints, but also with a rather low running cost, using Memjet’s technology.

The Lomond EvoJet Office can be had from Solidinks for a mere £369 including free delivery; a 33 per cent price cut off the SRP and with almost £100 worth of ink shipped with the device.

It prints 60 pages per minutes or one page per second in colour, regardless of coverage, which means that the output speed is constant whether it is for a photo or for a deck of slides.

Solid-ink states that the price of colour prints varies from 3.5p per page for refurbished cartridges to 5p for non-recycled ones. In addition, the cost of running the device is much lower compared to similar colour laser printers because power consumption is much lower.

In addition, there’s no wait time and that printer won’t melt OHP slides. Lomond printers achieve this ground-breaking speed by using a fixed page wide print head rather than one that moves from side to side, and a 1.2pl ink droplet which means that only the paper moves which reduces banding and the risk of paper jams.

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