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Apple ordered to reveal profit margins on iPhones and iPads

Apple has been ordered to reveal how much profit it makes on each iPhone and iPad it sells, US Court documents (opens in new tab) have declared.

The verdict comes from the same judge - Lucy Koh - that ruled on a patent lawsuit Apple filed against its rival Samsung earlier this year. In August, the jury in San Jose found Samsung had improperly violated patented technology in the iPhone and iPad and awarded Apple $1.05 billion (£653 million) in damages.

But Judge Koh now wants Apple to reveal more information about the individual sales, profits and margins of its products.

As a listed company, Apple regularly reveals information about its revenues and profits, but it is careful not to disclose the mark up on its products. It has argued that the details will give its rivals an unfair advantage.

However, the US court remains unconvinced by this argument.

(opens in new tab)"Apple has not established that public availability of its product-specific unit sales, revenue, profit, profit margin and cost data would actually provide its competitors with an advantage", wrote Koh.

Apple could still avoid going public with its data. The matter is scheduled to go to the US Court of Appeals which will make a decision.