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Exclusive: 3G version of Samsung Series 3 Chromebook listed for £286

It looks as if there is indeed a 3G version of the newly released Samsung Series 3 Chromebook which will be launched in the UK; one which carries the part-code XE303C12-H01UK and will cost as little as £286 excluding delivery.

We managed to track the product page of a 3G model from UK-based online retailer Ballicom International, which lists it as being “out of stock” while Amazon says that it will go on sale on 26 October.

Yesterday, Google only announced one model and it went on sale at Currys for £229 (down to £218 until tomorrow night). The model is also listed on Samsung’s US website which means that a US version will also be available.

Specwise both happen to be the same with a dual-core Exynos system-on-chip, 2GB of RAM, 16GB hard disk drive, a 11.6in WXGA display, a 4080mAh battery and 3G connectivity.

In the US, Verizon will provide 3G WWAN connectivity with the device for two years (up to 100MB per month). The product page also mentions that the battery life is slightly lower than the non 3G model (6.3 hours vs 6.5 hours).

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