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Samsung Series 5 Chromebook being cleared out for £140

With the introduction of the new ARM-based Series 3 Chromebook, Samsung has started clearing out the existing Series 5, with prices starting from as little as £140 from Currys.

The suggested retail price of the Samsung Series 5 Wi-Fi Chromebook stood at £350 when it went on sale early this year, and fell to £199.97 (it was on sale for £250 until a few days ago). You can cut that by five per cent by using the code “5CUR” at checkout until tomorrow night, and down to £140 thanks to a £50 cashback scheme courtesy of Samsung.

The “old” Google Chromebook comes with an Intel Atom processor, the N570, clocked at 1.66GHz with 1MB cache, 2GB of RAM, 16GB onboard storage, a 12.1in 1,280 x 800 display, a webcam, three USB ports, VGA, Wi-Fi, a 6-cell battery and a card reader.

The new model comes with a Samsung ARM-based system-on-chip, a dual core Cortex-A15, with the same amount of onboard memory and system RAM, a bigger display with a higher resolution and identical hardware.

Technically, you should be able to swap the Chrome OS on that Chromebook for any other x86 compatible operating system (Windows 8 or Linux-based models).

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