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Building "Trustworthiness" -- New Security Models for Consumerized IT

This video was originally published on Technology.Info.
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IT is charged with compliance and security at a time when users -- as consumers -- are dictating the future. With explosive growth in cloud services, coupled with incredible adoption of mobile devices and applications, IT is faced with new challenges:
- Whose device is it, and where is it?
- Who owns the applications being used?
- Is the user authorized to access data or applications on the device?
- What network is it on?
- Can enterprise data be secured in a world of empowered users, SaaS apps, and cloud computing?
Unfortunately for IT, it is virtually impossible to empower users in this increasingly consumerized world without increasing risks to the enterprise.
Dealing with these challenges requires a profound change in the trustworthiness of our computing infrastructure. We need systems that are inherently trustworthy – by design. If such a thing existed, the infrastructure would shrug off attacks, protect enterprise assets at all times, and guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the user.