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Jailbreaker Comex loses job at Apple

Well-known Apple jailbreaker Comex, who landed an internship with the company last year, is parting ways with the Cupertino firm.

"As of last week, after about a year, I'm no longer associated with Apple," Comex has tweeted.

Why? Let's just say it's probably best not to ignore an email from Apple. Comex, identified by Forbes as Brown University student Nicholas Allegra, nabbed an Apple internship in August 2011. Apple's website says that its internships usually last 12 weeks for summer stints, or 3- to 6-month co-ops for school credit.

Allegra lasted more than a year, working two internships, according to Forbes, in the fall of 2011 and one this summer. In an interview with the site, the hacker said that Apple had emailed him an offer to continue working for the company, but rescinded the gig after Allegra failed to respond in a timely manner.

Without elaborating, Allegra conceded that his parting from Apple might be a tad more involved than a forgotten email, but said that "it wasn't a bad ending."

"Also, to clear the record a bit: anyone who thinks I 'sold out' for money doesn't know what he's talking about," the hacker wrote on Twitter, an hour after his initial announcement. The reaction to Allegra's departure was generally supportive, even nostalgic, as some followers requested that he come back to "the dark side" - the jailbreak community.

The remainder of Allegra's Twitter feed since he reported the news Thursday afternoon is free of job talk, with the possible exception of his "Now I feel like a big damn drama queen" comment.

According to Forbes, Allegra's next move will be to focus on his studies, taking a step away from developing new iOS jailbreaking tools. But Comex may not be retired just yet. About an hour after his Apple announcement, Allegra tweeted, "So ... I hear the Wii U is coming out in a month."