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Twitter translations make sharing easier on Instagram

Have you ever shared a photo from Instagram to Twitter, only to realise that the person you @mentioned in your caption has a different username for both services? How annoying...

Well good news; you won't have to worry about tweeting the wrong person anymore when sharing photos from Instagram to Twitter.

"Today, we've rolled out a change that will make sharing to Twitter more seamless," Instagram wrote in a Friday blog post. "For photos shared to Twitter, Instagram now translates @mentions for users whose Twitter username and Instagram username differ."

It works like this: if the person you @mentioned has connected their Instagram to Twitter, their Twitter username will automatically appear in the tweet. If they haven't connected the two social media services, then the @sign will be removed from the username when shared to Twitter. In both cases, the person's Instagram username will appear in the original photo caption just like it normally does.

It's a small change, but it should alleviate some aggravation, especially since many people connect their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Meanwhile, when it comes to which social media site is more popular, the answer might surprise you. According to recent data from comScore, US smartphone users fired up Instagram more than Twitter during the month of August.

Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook, had an average of 7.3 million smartphone users accessing its service every day in August, while Twitter logged 6.868 million. Even so, Twitter still reigned supreme when it came to the total number of unique visitors.