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First Wii U commercial released in the UK

Nintendo last night released the first commercial for its new console the Wii U on UK television. The advert premiered on Channel 4 during a broadcast of the drama “Homeland”.

The new promo for the upcoming Nintendo machine runs a minute long and and goes through the console's features in a clear step-by-step manner. The pacing of the ad may have been a conscious decision to keep the messaging clear as Wii U's marketing campaign has been criticised for being convoluted in the past.

(opens in new tab)During the premier gaming event E3 2012, Nintendo only showed the Wii U's controller at the its grand unveiling. It hid the main console behind the scenes leading some attendees to believe that Nintendo was releasing a tablet peripheral rather than a new home console.

The ad does highlight its new tablet-controller called the “GamePad”, demonstrating its unique gaming applications (as seen in the video below).

The ad also showed gameplay from some of its launch lineup, with third party titles featuring prominently alongside the upcoming Wii U iteration of Nintendo mainstay Mario.

The Wii U will be available on 30 November and arrives with two options. The basic version comes in a white color scheme, with 8GB of flash memory and a price range between £230-£300 (dependent on retailer). While the premium model has a black colour scheme, 32GB of storage and will cost £300.

[Video credit: YouTube user YoshiOlly]