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LG BP125 Blu-ray player on sale for £50

Blu-ray players are now almost as cheap as DVD players and you can pick the LG BP125, a no-thrill slimline Blu-ray player from as little as £50 from Argos and from Amazon.

Compared to a DVD player, it comes with upscaling capabilities which allows the user to push content from standard DVDs up to 1080p on the fly. It is also compatible with Dolby TrueHD, DiVX HD and DTS HD Master Audio technologies.

Other features include a HDMI port and a front-facing USB port as well as a compact form factor (270 x 198 x 39mm). The BP125 surely won’t set the world alight but it surely will fit the bill of many bargain buyers.

It is not the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market; Tesco’s Technika BRSS10 retailed for £40 in November 2011 and there are refurbished Bush BD-8210 Blu-ray players in sale for £35. But it remains the most affordable branded brand new Blu-ray player we’ve seen yet.

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