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Microsoft denies claims it will use personal data to target advertising

Microsoft has denied claims that it will use its new data policy to target advertisers, it was revealed today.

According to The New York Times (opens in new tab), the software giant updated its new data policy by explicitly stating that it would not use data collected from personal communications services like email, search and instant messaging to target advertising.

"One thing we don't do is use the content of our customers' private communications and documents to target advertising", said the company.

The update is in response to claims that the wording in its new data policy called the Microsoft Service Agreement (opens in new tab), published on 19 October, gave the company leeway to use collected data as it likes.

Concerns around how companies use personal data collected from their services have grown in recent months.

(opens in new tab)Google came under fire earlier this year after adopting a new privacy policy that allows the company to use personal data collected on individual users across its services to better target advertising- without giving users the choice to opt out.

EU data protection regulators criticised the policy as "incomplete and approximate", and urged the Internet giant to amend its new policy or face disciplinary action.