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Sony BDPS790 3D 4k2K Smart Blu-ray player available for under £200

Meet the Sony BDPS790 Blu-ray Player, the company’s top of the range Blu-ray model and one that has a very special ability, that of being able to upscale full HD content to Digital Cinema 4K (or Ultra HD as it is now known). It is currently on sale at Amazon for a mere £198 including delivery.

This 2012 model comes with nine ports at the rear; an Ethernet port, USB, two HDMI ones, Line Out, Digital Out, Line Out audio, digital optical out plus built in Wi-Fi. It is 3D compatible (with a 2D-to-3D convertor) and features Super Bit Mapping technology which according to the marketing literature makes “pictures are smoother, more realistic and closer than ever to their natural colours”.

Of course, you can even upscale DVD content (albeit not to 4K2K) and the player is compatible both with Sony’s Entertainment network and with Skype. There’s also nine applications which will allow you to use your player for various media-oriented applications.

If you don’t need Skype, two HDMI ports and Digital Cinema 4K upscaling there’s the BDPS590 which is cheaper. Otherwise why not pair the S790 with a native 4K projector from Sony.

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