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Sony to unveil new 4K camcorder on 30 October

Japanese electronics manufacturer Sony has issued invitations through its Facebook page to an event that will be held via a live webchat on the social network on the 30 October.

The invitations tease the unveiling of a new addition to its CineAlta range of high end camcorders dubbed, “TheNewF”. The invites also give away some specifications like 4K resolution, high frame-rates, 4:2:2 colour space and a broadcast level 50Mbps data rate.

4K has been recently rebranded as “Ultra HD” and is billed as the next evolution in broadcast resolution. Boasting a pixel ratio of 4,000 by 3,000, the picture clarity wowed attendees at the recent IFA trade show.

However 4K has still got a way to go before being a practical option due to its lack of content. The resolution is far too powerful for general broadcast and requires specialised cameras that are only just beginning to find its way into the marketplace.

Sony’s “TheNewF” may represent an initial step in establishing a new ecosystem of 4K content production devices.