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Three more torrent sites could be blocked by UK ISPs

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the national record industry’s trade association, is clamping down on more illegal sharing websites by ordering the block of Fenopy, H33t and Kickass Torrents.

The move was proposed in a letter uncovered by the BBC (opens in new tab) that has been sent to six UK ISPs: BT, Sky, Virgin Media, O2, EE and TalkTalk. The BPI claims the torrent sharing sites are illegally distributing music and is keen to pursue a swift ban that could see the web pages banned by Christmas.

The ISPs told the BBC they would adhere to the block should a court order be put in place. This occurred earlier in the year when the High Court ruled that The Pirate Bay was infringing copyright of artists, forcing the country’s ISPs to prohibit access to the notorious file sharing destination.

(opens in new tab)Determined to bring about a repeat scenario with the latest trio of sites, the BPI told the BBC, "Like The Pirate Bay, these websites are profiting illegally from distributing music that isn't theirs, without permission and without paying a penny to the musicians, writers and producers who created it.

"It is plain wrong,” the spokesperson continued. “The existence of these sites damages the growth of Britain's burgeoning digital music sector."

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