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Hague court finds in Samsung's favour in multitouch-related patent case

The latest in a series of seemingly contradictory patent rulings from around the world have swung the pendulum to Samsung’s favour. The South Korean company’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets do not violate an Apple-held patent for multitouch functions, a Dutch court has found (opens in new tab).

"With these products Samsung does not infringe the claims that Apple has made," the Court of the Hague said, also adding that Apple must pay Samsung’s defence costs.

In September, Apple presented an argument that Samsung improperly infringed on a patent called “touch event model” which relates to a multitouch technique that allows users to use two fingers at the same time. The company has previously accused competitors of violating patents allegedly protecting the commonly used ‘pinch to zoom’ gesture.

(opens in new tab)British and German courts have previously ruled similarly, finding in favour of HTC, Samsung, and Google-owned Motorola in cases brought by Apple over the same patent.

Samsung “welcomed” the decision, though Apple has yet to issue an official comment on the ruling.

Meanwhile, the US International Trade Commission will this week announce a decision over accusations that Samsung violated Apple patents.